AVI30416 – Certificate III in Aviation (Ground Operations and Service)


This course allows an entry point for individuals wanting to work in ground operations and service at airports, charter companies and tourism operations.


6 months: Full time

18-24 months: Part time

Delivery Method

Both full time and part time study options are delivered on site. However, the part time option is ideal for senior high school students wishing to train for a position in the aviation industry gaining gradual knowledge, skills and abilities whilst finishing their final years of school.


    • Full time students must be a minimum of 17 years of age and/or completed year 11 or industry experience.
    • Part time students can be year 11 students who are minimum of 16 years of age on an approved schools program and/or minimum 17 years of age and completed year 11 or industry experience.
    • A sufficient level of English language, literacy and numeracy skills.

NOTE: To demonstrate your English language competency, you can either provide evidence of English language proficiency (Year 10 English or equivalent) or a minimum of six month of vocational experience. Alternatively, we offer Civil Aviation Safety Authority General English Language Proficiency tests for ground crew and flight licensing requirements.

Career pathways

Upon completion of this qualification, you will gain a range of technical and non-technical skills to operate effectively in a broad range of ground operations and service roles such as:

  • Baggage Operations
  • Customer Service Operations
  • Flight Dispatch Operations
  • Ground Operations
  • Ramp Operations

Units of competency

Core Units

    • AVIF0001 – Apply aircraft safety procedures
    • AVIF0012 – Apply aviation work health and safety procedures
    • AVIF2010 – Implement regulations and policies during aviation safety and service operations
    • AVIG2002 – Work effectively in the aviation industry
    • AVIJ2001 – Contribute to the achievement of on-time performance standards
    • AVIZ2050 – Maintain security awareness and vigilance in an aviation workplace
    • TLIE3004 – Prepare workplace documents
    • TLIJ3002 – Apply quality systems
    • TLIO3007 – Undertake emergency response action to a security threat

Elective Units

Applicants will need to discuss their require elective units with our course coordinator to ensure their selected industry pathway is met; this can vary from ground operations, aircraft refuelling, safety, front of house, check-in staff and RAMP operations.



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