Radio Licensing Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC)
CASA Approved

This course provides aviation radiotelephone knowledge, practical applications, techniques and qualifications for pilots and non-pilot flight crew such as:

  • UAV – Drone Pilots
  • Helicopter Hoist Operator Aircrew
  • Aerodrome Reporting and Works Safety Officers
  • Rescue Swimmers and Loadmasters
  • Emergency Services personnel members including Police, Fire, Ambulance and Helicopter Landing Officers/Landing Zone Coordinators within emergency services
  • Ground Support Crew.

As part of this qualification, participants are required to a complete an Aviation English Language Proficiency Standard for Operational Flight Crew (A-ELP), you can find out more information about this here . Upon completion of the certification, you will also be awarded a CASA Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate which can be used to demonstrate competency in other regions worldwide.

Delivery: Face-to-Face
Duration: 4 hours
Fee: $375



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